Fuck, off.
twohthree eleven♥
27 November 2011 ,
9:44 PM
The (very) sad truth

OMG I totally remember this (but not this version) from primary school lolol!

How's your hols so far anyways!



15 November 2011 ,
11:56 AM




04 November 2011 ,
9:35 PM

Hey guys, hmm I don't really know what to blog about so here goes nothing.


1) I'm super glad that I was put into 103 last year, sure I had bad times in this class, but not as many as the good ones(: I sure will miss everyone next year since today was sort of my last day of school. Adios guys, I'll miss you lots D: -sniffs-

2) I hope I can still post here once in a while, but it would be nice for you all to post once in a while too next year and onwards, thanks!(:

3) We've all been through a lot in these two years, and I'm really proud to say that I feel that everyone has grown up so much more this year and we really are a lot more bonded as a class this year as compared as the last! :D It's like I can practically walk up to anyone and have a lovely convo and not feel the least awkward, which is a good thing!

Basically, the message I want to put accross is, sure, make new friends, fit in, but don't forget us, your old ones too(: I love you all!