Fuck, off.
twohthree eleven♥
30 April 2010 ,
10:52 PM
FOR NOW!!!!!!!!

I'd like to dedicate this song to all those emo kids out there. Seriously guys. Cheer up. Emoness is too contagious.

Tag when you visit or i'll hound you in class
Celine (duh)

26 April 2010 ,
8:12 PM

HELLO 103~!

I really dunno whut to post but celine said juz spam so... random stuff then.

HOUSE MERCHANDISE YAYY will be sold on Thursday and Friday at the canteen so look out! I think they ran out of badges tho cuz it takes quite long to make and if they ran out the last time they won't be selling. That means no Tarbet badges! HMPH. ah wellz but still GO BUY MORE STUFF YAYY CUZ RGS HOUSE ESP TARBET IS AWESOME! :D haha i sound so crazy :P.

And also RGCO concert rmbr to bring money! (see rach val i so nice help u advertise) for those who ordered. even if u havent ordered and want to order bring ur money haha :D tickets are $14 each so get ur friends and family to go with you for a FABULOUS night! (omg whuts wrong with me influenced by those 2 le)


~Mich <3

23 April 2010 ,
11:43 PM
Don't Stop Believing

This guy is scary good
The 'class song' As sung by a guy:) Can't find the mass dance though:(

This girl has a nice voice:)
Nic Foo Rach Lee
and a one and a two and a one two three
baby baby baby oooooooooo
I realise i have been procrastinating my hw for 10 hours and 49 mins

11:34 PM
Burning hot stuff~Sssssssssss~

He's hot right? I mean, look at the abs...

11:20 PM
"What happened?" "What always happens. Life." 500 days of summer


Ok that wasn't some don't step on the grass thing, that's actually either:

1. A very emo post to say we're all gonna die anyways. What's the point of living
2. A inspirational quote to say that we should embrace life! and live life to the fullest! Even though we're all going to die.

I'm going with 1. Since i'm in the 'emo club'

Whaddevah. I realize that the only reason why i'm blogging is cos it's better than doing hw:(
People are evil. Evil is not good. So why are people evil if evil is not good? I dun geddit.

Let's watch the annoying orange on youtube to go into the mind of an evil person and analyze his thoughts and actions. (He's a citrus fruit too after all)

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6IeASZZf1c&feature=channel


21 April 2010 ,
4:07 PM

heyheyheyhey! (:(:
lalala...okay i'm trying to do my chinese compo now...

(...*forgot what I was going to say*)
i remembered.
is anyone dressing up for shakespeare's birthday! (:
I can't decide.
If you realise...I tend to post in lines
Not paragraphs.

Gosh I'm bored.
Dunno how to do Chinese.
Don't understand Chem. :(
Tuition until 10 laters.

((Now I shall address individual groups))
@Emo Club: Guys let's stop emo-ing, and be happy with life! Yeah? Sounds like a plan? ((SIGH I'm not sure I wanna stop emo-ing!))
@Sunthu: zomg I almost spelt this wrongly...how's the birthday plans coming along? LET'S GO BOOK-SHELVING ONE FINE DAY

less than three,

19 April 2010 ,
5:28 PM
Emoing again

You know when life sucks? When:
1. You keep getting blamed for everything and you don't know why.
2. You try so hard but apparently it's not good enough.
3. You always end up doing all the work and someone else gets the credit.
4. People don't appreciate or understand you because they don't see the behind-the-scenes work
5. You drift from your friends because all your work makes it hard to concentrate on anything else.
6. Things go wrong and you take the blame. Things go amazingly well and someone else gets the credit.
7. You mess up.
8. No one supports your decision or helps with it
9. Your life goes by so fast you can't remember what day it is or whether you ate lunch/recess today.
10. You get emo.

Life sucks. And then you die. But you still got to have to move on.
Nobody's perfect. But i will try.

Everyone must now go watch this very emo video.
Must watch har? only 2 minutes

18 April 2010 ,
9:15 PM
Filiae melioris aevi

Just now i was researching for the Eng handout and went a little off track... Then i came to this blog. It's from this RGS girl who graduated in 2003....and this post was so touching i almost cried. Well i would have if my sis wasn't there. it's about her thinking bout her days in RGS... and it's amazing how little things has changed, Mr Wolfe was there. So was that teacher who keeps going on about the environment. Amazing. There was still assembly and mass dance and house prac and netball carnivals. But still it makes you think like in 10 years time when you're somewhere else in the world... when you're another person, would you look back and say, those years in RGS were the best years of my life? Will you think back and miss the foyer, the amphi, the haunted squash toilets, house prac cmu aesthetics, Miss Ha?
Well, i know i would.
Like she said, once an RGS girl, always an RGS girl.

Love you all

17 April 2010 ,
11:30 AM

hahahaha heyo 1/3! (: how were the SAs? Okay chinese went really sucky for me...
can we please try to remember to off the lights/fans?
i know once in a while it's not us... but still most of the time it's our fault we got booked

how was ORA! (:(: honestly i'm not planning to go...
someone tell me how it went?

this blog post has no intentions, nor has it anything important.
i'm just rambling cos i'm bored and math is staring at me
and chinese is rotting my brains.
and no one is on msn.
so i have no one to talk to.
and i'm bored. (:
maybe i should've gone for ORA after all.

good luck for dc on tuesday guys!
try not to be booked anymore kays?

((oh yeah guys if you're using the 103 account, which i'm not (i kinda cheated hehe) then please sign off with your name!))


16 April 2010 ,
10:51 PM

If you guys didn't already know we got booked NINE TIMES. Which is equivalent to 3 DCs. So just be mentality prepared about what we are going to do in DC, which is sit and stare and reflect.
Please try and remember to turn off the lights and fans all the time, esp those who always go last for assembly/recess/lunch and also the people on duty. We cannot afford to be booked another time because if we do, Mr Tan will slaughter us. Literally and figuratively. I'm not kidding.
And I also think that most of us have never been to detention before, so this will be a first. Be trust me, many people have also gone for detention already so we are not the only ones and moreover, it's not an individual booking so don't stress. We're all in this together!
Please just remember to do all these as detention will severely inconvenience people, eg those who have tuition and are unable to reschedule and those who have CCA, 3rd lang, etc. Bear in mind that there are others in the class!

Thanks 103!

13 April 2010 ,
3:52 PM

Hey everyone!

Yepps so i changed the blogskin, its nt that nice i know, any suggestions juz post on the tagboard! and those ppl i specified in the email to yahoogroups remember to tell me ur cca/class comm k? and also email me any funny photos/class photos u want to see on the blog :D tnx everyone!

And also, super unrelated and funny matter. after chinese today, swan had fallen asleep on her table! then we called her a few times and mr tan was like 她还有呼吸吗?是不是晕过去了?(is she still breathing? did she faint?) haha and when she finally woke up she was like very confused with eyes still red xDD!!! juz thought i'll post it cuz tamil ppl didnt get to see :(

~Mich <3

12 April 2010 ,
5:11 PM

Hello 103! this is a list of remeberable quotes from today! and one from awhile ago.
"I'll try to remember your names within these 7 lessons so don't feel uncomfortable if i stare at your chest"
Mrs Willamme, Aesthetics teacher

"Mrs Teo! Mae wrote... wrote..."
"I wrote ' Ladies are prohibited from having sex and getting pregnant on the bar'"
Vivian, Mae to Mrs Teo, about rephrasing the problematic sign, 'Ladies are prohibited from having children in the bar'

"Which guy should i date? Both guys like me, so who should i choose? i told her why so stupid? Take both lah!"
Mrs Willamme, about girl she counseled once

"There are only 2 sane people in this class. The first one, of course, is me. The second one is Tian Yue. Becuase she doesn't want to have anything to do with the rest of you loonys."
Mr Tan Wee Lee, (very roughly) translated

"Do you girls know what is above you?" Ms Goh
"Fan..." Someone.
Whole class burst out laughing.
"You girls take things too literal!" Ms Goh
Ms Goh, random person, when she was explaining air pressure