Fuck, off.
twohthree eleven♥
28 February 2010 ,
11:33 AM
Spirit Week

Hey 103'ers!

Next week is SPIRIT WEEK! Monday is be yourself day so remember to come in your home clothes! And tuesday is 2nd March, wear your house tee day! come in your RED house tee and culottes! And CMU will be back doing the cheer spirit! so remember to revise that!just a reminder haha. and just fyi, the next house prac/psl session is in 2 weeks time on 13 March, Saturday.


Just in case... the cheer spirit goes like this
say the one in the (bracket)

Have you got the spirit?
(yeah yeah)
Can you show the spirit?
(yeah yeah)
One for all
(all for one)
(r-a-f-f-l-e-s RAFFLES!)

handsign is a 'S'

21 February 2010 ,
11:12 AM

Hey guys! We seriously need ur help. Rmbr to make something that represents JOY the size of an ORANGE by TUESDAY and pass it to CELINE~ For our class poster and leave the rest to us k? and just FYI, the poster needs to be related to 103, Tarbet and the theme JOY. But we need ur help! and post more, the class blog is lyk seriously dead now. Kay?


12 February 2010 ,
3:03 PM

Hey guys!

I love posting random rubbish here. Happy CNY~! And anw, the angpaos frm the psls are wif me, pass u all next week kk? Louisa apparently told Celine to give out, but she forgot! So she told me to bring it home and pass to you all next week. I finally know the meaning of that seriously weird qs Louisa asked me yesterday... xDD. Byeee and HAPPY CNY + VDAY TO ALL!


11 February 2010 ,
8:09 PM

Hey guys!

Don't u all just love surprises, the suspense b4 it and the joy when u finally find out? So fun right? Well, rmbr to come to school early for the TARBET SURPRISE! I have no idea what it is, been trying to get it out of yingx for days... she's so secretive abt it. So anw, come early @ 7am unless u wanna miss the surprise! Yayy~~~


10 February 2010 ,
11:02 PM
ORA family day stall

hey guys!

I bet u all know we wanna set up a stall @ ORA family day rite? We need help, ppl! Volunteers, find ME or CELINE kk? and any suggestions abt what to sell? i rly want coconut jelly... haha. kk nite everyone!


08 February 2010 ,
3:48 PM
Give A HUG DAY!!!!!

Give a hug day today was sooooo awesome! Especially goin up to random huggies for a hug( ulterior motive: to get a wicked sticker). For those who are'nt in Mr Nah's aesthetics class, Megan & Nicole Ooi went to hug the head prefect during break!!! Yeah! Stickers were awesome!

PS. I gtg to do class deco or the J-fan ( You should noe who) class chair will kill me!!

Ta-ta/ Sayonara/ Bye/ zaijian/anneong 103!

Rachel Lee

06 February 2010 ,
6:08 PM

Hey guys! I feel really really hyper here, so dun kill me if i start rambling on about Tarbet xDD
house prac was so cool right? can't believe i missed most of it! to the suthu ppl, i nt there still must cheer as loud lah, you guys ah... haha nvm. yayy so hyper~~~ cuz today house prac YINGX FINALLY BACK! see die hard fan. she was awesome right? haha abit crazy. think i should stop my random rambling, ltr everyone goes crazy... anw will try to post pics and videos up on fb kk? by tonight hopefully, no promises though. cuz i need to start on hw.


P.S. Celine if you dare to say the J word i will kill u.......

3:22 PM
Random rubbish :)

Yay!!! House prac was just over! So i am hyper!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Well anyways... wasn't Ying Xin (and someone else Josephine forbade me to name) awsome!!!???
You guys so mean never welcome Ying xin back Thursday :( Rawr. Anyways congrats Tarbet on winning, like, everything??? Yay Tarbet !!!
So anyways... Monday is give a hug day!!! That's like THE coolest day of friendship and appreciation week and i wasn't there when we had the announcements but...
Here is what YOU must do.
1. Buy a sheet( or more) of stickers from popular.
2. Decorate one third of the stickers with random rubbish like for example: Give a hug day! or, I wuz hugged!
3. leave the other 2/3rds blank.
4. Hug ME!!! or anyone else.
5. Hugger gives huggie one decorated sticker and 2 undecorated ones.
6. Huggie decorates undecorated stickers. Repeats step 4 and 5.
7. Everyone feels the L-O-V-E:)

So cool right? So get hugging!!! Yay!!!!!
So anyways... i dont want to sound like a nag but, i just found out that the class deco competiton due date is, like, next Friday. You know the rest so i won't say it.
Not saying it
Not saying it
Ok i'll say it
Do your clams/jellyfish/starfish!!!
For the starfish you can just print a (preferably) cute starfish, write your name on it, stick a piece of string on it, stick a paper clip on the string and.... Presto! I am saved.
Ahhhh!!!!! i have sooooo much homework!!! Plus i cant find my Chem ws in the class tray. And i couldn't find Ms Ha after assembly for my math ws!!!
I die!!!!!
Well... I have nothing left to write so... Tchao!
(That's Italian for bye. The french like to say it because its cool. According to my french teacher.)

P.S All the er-hums are due to my sore throat.

The person Josephine forbid me from mentioning is so awsome!!!!

05 February 2010 ,
3:01 PM

Hello:) everyone! Tonight got concery yayyy~! Hahas. Remember to wear nice clothes, yeas? I'll be bringing my camera along to take LOADS of pics. Camwhores, be HAPPY:)! Meet Mr Tan and Mrs Shah outside the theatre at 6.45pm lastest. Kays people, SEEYAH THERE!

nicole foo

04 February 2010 ,
8:58 PM

hey guys, as you can see from the title, i've gone a bit crazy todayXD!!!
okie...anyway, everyone please remember to do your starfish/underwater-themed-thingy and attach a string about the length of your rulers (AKA 15cm) and remember if you want to nominate anyone for student leader, you have to do it and hand the paper to mrs shah tomorrow morning during assembly. the location for tomorrow's dinner has been confirmed, and the class is going to SUBWAY for dinner( but i'm not sure which one...)
so please go if you can, cos we want the class to ' BOND '! and if you havent given your consent form to swan, please remember to bring it and pass it to her tomorrow.

p.s. how was welcoming yingxin back to school? did low yingxin stall her for long enough??
p.p.s. this is just random now cos i love p.s.es:D
p.p.p.sokay...i think i better stop before my craziness gets contagious

mmkay... ,
buhbye people, peace out

nicole ooi

03 February 2010 ,
2:49 PM

hey all one-oh-three-ians( does that look right?)
anyway, this is just a random post because i realised we forgot to tell you this in school. so basically, for the dinner on friday, we will be going to either kfc, mcdonalds, subway or pizza hut. if anyone has any other suggestions please bring them up tomorrow because we will be voting and confirming the place tomorrow. and also, the reason we are arranging this is so that we can eat as a class so please try to come even if the place we are dining at is not your first choice. try not to form groups and eat separately ok??? and please remember to bring your ticket!

ok im done nagging:D


nicole ooi

02 February 2010 ,
9:04 PM

hey ppl,
this is just a reminder, im not doing announcements. celine is sick(aww) so she might not come to school tomorrow and this is a very important message from her. tomorrow is the last day to place your orders for the friendship bracelets. also, all those people who have not done the jellyfish thingy and the clam must remember to do it! and anyone who can stay back for class deco tomorrow, PLEASE do! we need all the help we can get and your help will be greatly appreciated.
thank you!
p.s. celine says that some people think she is too soft when she is doing announcements. if you find any of us too soft or absolutely cannot hear us, please tell us!
p.p.s. please reply all your angel letters if you havent yet...sry chickenman ill try to write ur letter soon...
p.p.p.s so sorry if this was hard to read, i write/type things in big chunks:D p.p.p.p.s sorry guys aka girls or however you want to be addressed, i do a lot of p.s.es too!!!!
mmkay... hope this wasnt too boring...

nicole ooi

9:04 PM
from your awesome PIT!

Hey 103!

Jade, your uber AWESOME PIT here. sorry I posted so late.:O
Just wanna say, if you're stressed,don't fret.life's like that.
sec 2's worse.so live sec one life to the fullest.
I know this sounds oh-so cliche, but it's true.

okies post sometime later.(I hope)

The Awesome One

11:54 AM
I'm so sleepy!!!

Hello again!!! Yay! ICT class now! So slack:) Anyways regarding the class dinner this Friday, if you wanna go and haven't wrote your name on he sign-up sheet yet, you can go directly to Rachel Lee or ME!!! But i won't be going :( I have student leader investiture rehearsal till 6. Boohoo!!! I wanna go too!!
Yawns. I'm so sleepy!!!! Rawr. I almost fell asleep during Chem until the smell woke me up. Teehee. and i have sore throat now:( So sad.
Anyways, enough about me, what about you? You say.
Well, i am very sad to announce that now that you have (mostly) completed your jellyfishes and clams, you have to make a mailbox!!! This is sort of a copyrighted idea so don't tell.shh. Here's what to do:
1: Draw 2 (identical)simple starfishes and write your name and decorate on of it.
2: Paste the decorated one on top of the not decorated one but only glue the bottom half.
Simple right?
Oh and you can also decorate the other star if you like.
This is going to be pasted behind the teacher's table as mailboxes :)So once it's done we can post letters individually!! So cool right?
Yawns so sleepy! And hungry :( Can't wait for lunch. Yawns.
Anyways please don't think I'm naggy ok? i am not naggy. No way. Never.
Well, That's All Folks!


P.S. For those who haven't finished your jellyfish or clam yet, please hurry up.
P.P.S. For Vivien, Erm your clam can be used as the mailbox, don't worry, be happy :)
P.P.S. In case you haven't noticed, i like P.Ses

01 February 2010 ,
6:52 PM

good evening 103, here are the reminders for tmr;

The class decor stuff is due tmr! Rmbr, the jellyfish with your name, the clamshell for your locker, and the 2 spongebob characters! Must do kk?

Also, tmr is wear your house tee day! Wear the AWESOME tarbet tee!

Hopefully I'll be back tmr :( feeling slightly better. ah well. bye!