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twohthree eleven♥
31 January 2010 ,
1:03 PM
CCA Option Submission

Hi Guys A.K.A Girls,
Reminder: Your CCA options MUST be submitted by the 1st Feb and if you're not sure where or how (like I was) to do it, this post will help. Under the Student Links, there's the link "Year 1". Click it and you'll see "Year 1 CCA Option exercise 2010" Web Link. I'm sure you know what to do from here. Oh and if you're not sure, your 1st option is the one you want the most with the 6th option being the one you want the least. Kay? So be sure to submit your options ASAP!!!

Oh and, people have been asking me why i never turned up for House Prac and PSL session and my answer is.... "DUN ASK!!" =.= And if some of you had gone to my facebook and saw a certain picture, my respond to it is "No i did not come because I was out with my friends. That was after 2 pm so I could've made it after school."

Swan Out

30 January 2010 ,
11:28 PM
Next house prac+PSL session!

Hey guys! Next house prac+PSL session is next saturday, 6 Feb! Must contiue to be enthu kk? Let's show our house cap what we can do! And uh the super enthu grp, rest ur voice and get ready haha... must cheer more. KAY? TARBET ROXX!!!


P.S. is there anyone else that absolutely can't wait? sign ur names below if u are one of the crazy ones... like ME! sry rly hyper today. abit over.

29 January 2010 ,
11:07 PM
Wear your house tee day!

Hey guys! 2nd Feb, Tuesday is wear your house tee day! Rmbr to wear the Tarbet Time Traveller tee! We want to see the WHOLE CLASS WEARING RED kk? And our house cap yingxin won't be there for house prac :( That's so sad...


9:39 PM

Well as Celine just said, we really need volunteers! Else we are dead. Seriously. We still need to paint Mr Krabs and stuff... and paste up all the jellyfish. Must do okay? Clamshella too, when you bring the clamshells, just go and find Celine for blutack. no. go to the back of the class where we pasted the jellyfish, the blu tack is pasted there. AND VOLUNTEER KAY? Not that you have to stay back every day to do work, just stay for a while on maybe 1 or 2 days and do your part for 103, the AWESOMEST class ever!


P.S. Celine, relax. When you say,"Hi (fill in name)! Are you here to help?" You really sound like spongebob! It's a bit irritating...... Haha kk help ppl!

9:17 PM
Good Mo-orning oneohthree!

This is the extremely hyper Celine speaking :) I know i started blogging sorta late but I've been kinda busy with the class deco and everything. Speaking of which, we need volunteers! I know a lot of you wonderful people have already been helping out after school but the more the merrier right? BTW how do you like the class deco so far? We really put in a lot of effort and I'm getting sorta stressed out and sorta of hyper and sorta crazyish these days.It Those unfortunate souls who walk into class while I'm painting would notice that.(Are ya here ta help?!?!) It's really fun but so tiring:( Yay! house prac tomorrow! Don't forget to bring a can. And wear P.E shorts under your culottes cos we have track trials for sports fest. Oh yeah and IMPORTANT! Whoever who started passing the height/weight thing, what am i suppose to do with it???!!!
Ok i think i should sign off now because I'm just blabbering rubbish.


P.S, You would understand the title if you walk in on us working on class deco:)
P.P.S, Don't forget your class deco "hw" by Tuesday :)
P.P.P.S, Don't call or sms my phone. It died :(

28 January 2010 ,
10:10 PM
Class Decor Reminders!

yepp ppl rmbr to hand in the stuff by NEXT TUESDAY! They are:

1. Draw a JELLYFISH on NEWSPAPER with your name and bday
2. Print out 2 characters (do not print sopngebob/patrick, there are too many of these alrd!)
3. Make a clamshell with your name for your locker.
Yah thats it guys! Easy rite? xDDD
Can't wait for house prac/PSL session!

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8:12 PM
More photos~~~

Here goes: even more photos. Still trying desperately to upload all. I never knew I took so much man! Ah well. Enjoy! *yawn* http://www.facebook.com/#/album.php?aid=2037780&id=1122114913&ref=mf

-Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

5:22 PM

Hello everyone I'm NICOLE FOO:) Yayyy we finally have a blog whee!!! (: Spastic! Hahas. Tag kays? LOVEYOUALL.


10:15 AM
Photos 27.1.2010

Yeap these are the random photos on 27 jan! here goes:
We'll be compiling them to make a new skin soon by end of next week! and this is just part of the photos, cuz my facebook yesterday was really laggy! Will try again @ home today kk?


10:11 AM
IHG opening!

Yeah the IHG opening today vry cool right? TEAM TARBET 2010!!! Haha unbelievable we won the sms comp. The order should be tarbet, buckle, richardson, waddle, hadley right? i smsed @ the last possible second xDDD. Tarbet roxx!

-I can't think of a quote now xD

P.S> I love it when we get to play com in school!

27 January 2010 ,
8:39 PM

Hey guys we must really thank Michelle, Yinlin and your dear Exco kay? It's not that easy to make something like this, especially with all the homework going around. Yeah... I've nothing much to say, just remember to study for the Chem test tomorrow no matter how tiring it is. :)

Blogging today after so many people feels really weird and I don't want to repeat what many people have already said, so I'll keep this short (and sweet). Yups!


This is frm Michelle:
Uh guys thank the EXCO more, not us. They still have to do so much other stuff and have been staying back to do the class decor. Do u guys know that? So must thank them kk?

7:11 PM

Hey guys!
Remember when was walking around all day with a camera? Yeah, that was taking photos for this! We're prob gonna compile the photos into a new blogskin my next week, after saturday. I know it's a bit irritating, so dun run away when i try to take photos kay? We want the entire class! Even the teachers too. Just pose instead of making me get a candid shot, a weird looking one. Kk? try to cooperate, we wanna make this blog the AWESOMEST! xDDD And I'll be posting up today's photos tonight, check them out!

-Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?

P.S. Ugh. I'm rly horrible @ blogs. Can anyone tell me how to post the photos up here? For now, Facebook xDD

5:28 PM
Friendly Reminders :D

Hey guys-i mean girls! Your one out of two secretary here! 1st: Good job Michelle and co. The blog turned out pretty well! :D Oh and just in case you all don't remember, here's our class mission, vision, goals and motto:

Mission: To help one another grow and learn to the best of our abilities and to excel in all aspects as a class.
Goals: Not to be in the shadow of another. Do the best we can. Exceed Expectations.
Vision: Be the first-rate version of ourselves, instead of a second-rate version of someone else.
Motto: Don't tell us the sky's the limit when there're footprints on the moon

Got that, people? And a personal appeal. Please, please, please do NOT leave your rubbish on the floor. We may have a duty roster but it's your responsibility too. After the Geometry activity, the class was in a mess! Oh and also, when we want you to keep quiet and listen, please do so. The class Exco isn't just calling you for fun. It's because we have important announcements, ok? Please remember, the Class Deco 'Homework' is due by this coming Tuesday.

Before I end this, my email is skytop21@gmail.com. Feel free to send me messages but no spamming! My account is full of chain emails... ugh.

Oh yeah, finally, please do not think that we are being to uptight about this and all because it's not like we want to. Unless you want to have the most badly decorated class and go to DC, I hope you'll co-operate with us, the Exco and the ICs for various projects.

Finally, kudos to the ICs for the blog. Can't wait for the photos :D

Swan out

2:28 PM
IHG opening

Heyy ppl! Tmr is IHG opening, rmbr to wear the WONDERFUL TARBET TIME TRAVELLER t-shirt! Tarbet roxx!!! Whee~~~

-Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much

26 January 2010 ,
11:17 PM
Class Decor Comp

Kay so I'm not the IC or EXCO, but just want to remind everyone to do the class decor stuff kay? We all wanna win to show that 103'10 is the AWESOMEST right? So anw here are the items to do:

1. Paint a jellyfish on recycled paper with ur name
2. Print out 2 Spongebob characters

Simple right? And for volunteers, approach Swan or Celine! Tnx!

-Random acts of randomness.

11:11 PM
The Devs

Yupp the devs~~~(developers) xDDD That's us! Yin Lin, Josephine, EXCO and yours truly. Email us at oneohthree-ohten@live.com.sg if you have any suggestions or stuff like that. Remember, we need everyone to chip in to create a WONDERFUL class blog~~~

-A single rose can be my garden, a single friend...... my world.

P.S. i think u know by now i like random quotes xDDD

11:01 PM
103'10 TWITTER!

KK so here's our seriously new 103 twitter! Follow us if you have twitter:

-Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle.

10:43 PM
ground rules. ;)

Oaky I know this is really boring for you guys but try to follow the rules k.

1. Don't spam. We cannot stress the importance. The blog shouldn't be flooded with random messages about Enma and "BOB ATTACK" etc. etc.

2. Always sign off. Regardless of how many people typed the message, please sign off at the end. Go put as many xxxxxxooooooo as you want or hyphens or exclamation points or symbols (♥) BUT FOR EVERYONE'S SAKE, SIGN OFF. We don't want an Anon. Y. Mous attack here, k.

3. Don't post pointless posts.
This isn't your personal blog. Don't rant about YOUR life here. You can update the class on homework, exams, outings, encouragements etc. or a field trip summary/overview/PLOT but it has to be revolving around the class. :)

4. DO NOT SHARE THE PASSWORD. For God's sake DON'T share our blog email or password with ANY LIVING PERSON OUTSIDE OF THE CLASS. EVER.

5. No insults/flames/hate mails. If you want to express your anger do it theraphuetically. Don't go calling people names on OUR class blog, because if one person blows their top, all of us take the hit.

6. Cease trying to pry the email password. Only the Exco and a few people know the email account password, so don't bother trying to get it out of them. And you people, don't tell anyone, okay.

etc. etc.