Fuck, off.
twohthree eleven♥
27 September 2010 ,
8:04 PM

I really shouldn't be here. I should be mugging/doing papers/philo pt/oral pt RIGHT NOW ): so well haha quick one here. Jiayous for EYAs gaiz! <3


25 September 2010 ,
12:11 PM

I cant belive I thot that the email to login was w/o the .sg so I couldn't log in like for 2 months until I found out like approx 20 seconds ago... D: I AM SO STUPIDD DX Wakakaka. Imma bored. Like slacking overly much when Im supposed to be like mugging/ doing Philo PT. BUT I LOST MY PHILO PT REQUIREMENTS. GAHHHHHH. HOWHOWHOW? AND IT SEEMS LIKE NOBODY WANTS TO SCAN IT TO ME SO IM PRETTAE MUCH DEADD. HAHA. BUT I DO NOT CARE. lol(L) and i shall b random & put that pic of candy and icecream and chocolate (OMG CHOCALATE! Sinfull): ) magnets here. Jus coz I feel hungry and bored. Ok. Post doneee. Yay me? (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L) HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

15 September 2010 ,
6:23 PM

OMG the class blog is so super dead. More than a month since our last post! O_O so this is just a random post to revive it a little heh. So anyway gaiz jiayou for all the PTs! Oral maths physics and philo (for second half of the class) sian much! TIME MANAGEMENT. okay err i have no right to say that i'm always so last minute. BADBADBAD EXAMPLE! XD and EYAs in 2 weeks gosh :/ goodluck everyone! START MUGGING 8D.

~Michelle <3