Fuck, off.
twohthree eleven♥
31 January 2011 ,
6:17 PM
HELLOOOOO everyoneee

Okay so here I am again... I seriously dunno what to say kay guys. Okay, here goes nothing:

WHY IS THIS BLOG (QUITE) DEAD): Why is no one posting huh. whywhywhy. Okay sheesh I sound so whiny and pathetic okay fine.

Ahhhh I'm hate Math. Math Math Math "quotes Mich" grow up and solve your own problems. Yeahhh TOTALLY. GROW UPP MANN. ): Okay anyways, what're u guys wearing for tmr! (CNY celebrations) and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE! (: Lalaaaalaaaalalala.



03 January 2011 ,
3:03 PM
nothing much...

Hello 203(: I haven't posted for about a month, haha and it feels so weird to be calling us 203... Someone should change the headline of this blog yeah? Coz it says oneohthree ohten, maybe we could change it to like one two-ohthree? or smth? Just suggesting. Haissssss I don't want school to start, and it's so annoying that we have to turn up for ccao yeah. If not we can have an extra  day of holidayyyyy): And I feel super sian already, thinking about that flight of stairs XD But thank god that we're not on the 4th floor, still! And have you guys chosen your mortals yet! Yay We're angels! O:-) And here's a pretty pic I found on tumblr! Enjoy your last-est day of the hols, guyyys. See you real soonnn!